Possibly the easiest, lightest, fluffiest paleo naan flatbread in the universe (Gluten-free)

Hands down the hardest thing for me about going grain free was losing bread. I searched through so many recipes but couldn’t find a go-to I was happy with: they either contained a ton of ingredients I never have/ can’t find, they have stupidly complex methods or perhaps worst of all, they don’t taste good.  I loathe arrowroot in bread, js. Even the microwave breakfast muffin I posted here couldn’t meet my requirements for a staple, for its relative complexity and the fact it’s quite loaded with oil for its size, making it not so easy to eat all the time (although if you’re feeling it, still makes a great treat).  This week I made up my own bread which is ridiculously fluffy, great tasting, naan like, and so simple even your cat could make it (though you might want to skip that last suggestion unless you don’t mind a cat-hair seasoning).



Ingredients: serves 2
300g ground almonds (about 1.5 cups)
2 whole, large eggs or 3 egg whites, or 7 tbsp carton egg whites
4 tbsp olive oil, or double if using egg whites without yolks
Generous pinch of salt
Seasoning to taste: we used 2 heaped tablespoons Sundried tomato & onion paste the first time, then dried thyme, sesame, onion powder, smoked paprika & Sundried tomato oil the second. Yum.

1. Put everything in a bowl and mix well
2. Spread resulting sticky paste on to oiled baking sheet (we lined it with foil for ease of removal), patting flat with oiled spatula or hands
3. Bake on high (we used 220 degrees C) for 10 mins, or until slightly browned. Serve immediately.

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