The most delicious leek & courgette soup

There are few soups I actually crave. This is one of them. The velvety creaminess of the courgettes, the sweet hint of onion from the leeks, the light chicken and vegetable broth with a hint of thyme, and the freshness of sour cream or creme fraiche… There is nothing about this combination that’s short of heavenly.  I’m not usually a fan of courgette (thats zucchini for those who call it that) and neither is my other half, but both of us love this soup… I think it has the potential to convert even the staunchest of cynics and have them stealing spoonfuls from each other’s bowls! (not that we did that…. Of course not. Ahem)



Ingredients – serves 4-6
2 stock cubes, one chicken, one vegetable (or both vegetable for vegetarian /vegan)
1 small leek, sliced thinly
3-4 small courgettes (zucchini), sliced thinly, tops and ends discarded
Pinch garlic powder
1 tbsp dried (or fresh, chopped) thyme
4 tbsp creme fraiche, sour cream or mild/unflavoured soy yoghurt or 2tbsp coconut cream for vegan/paleo (important that the yoghurt doesn’t have much of a taste/ aftertaste so choose brands accordingly)

1. Put everything in a saucepan as shown. No need to pre-fry anything, that’s the beauty of using leeks instead of onion and thinly slicing everything
2. Add 1.5 litres of water approximately, or about 2 cups over what your two stock cubes recommend in total
3. Bring to the boil then simmer for 5 min or until veggies are soft (thin slices makes this faster)
4. Optional: blend soup in a jug blender or with the stick type (careful not to splash it everywhere like I did). Serve immediately 🙂